Andino Tourist


  • 23.07.2018

    Check out the benefits, discounts and gifts for tourists in Andino

    Did you know that tourists that stay on the following hotels have special benefits and discounts in Andino?  To check all of the discounts that we have for tourists, please go here. 

    Besides this discounts, we offer to all of our tourist visitors a beautiful mini wallet as a gift, and in case that you do not speak spanish, we have a bilingual assistant (english) in order to assist you, please go to our main office which is located on the first floor at the principal square or check here for more info.


    Exclusive Andino Bus

    We have an exclusive bus that picks and brings you up on the Rosales and Chicó area, to call the bus for picking you up, please contact: Rosales bus 310 882 1944 or Chico bus 310 882 1946. Note: To get into the bus, you just need to show our assistants a ticket from Andino, to know more information about our schedules and the routes, you can enter here.

    Coming here on car? Well, we have a valet parking service without any extra charges and in case that you would like to… we can wash your car for some aditional money.

    Taxi fan? We offer an Andino cab service which is actually from a very trusted company, you can ask for it on the parking lot "Sótano 1" in plaza Crea and the cars are already parked in there. Note: ask for our Tayrona service.

    Besides having the best brands of the city and in some cases unique brands in Colombia, Andino offers a quality service that has gained most of the colombians hearts. It is famous because of all its decorations and because it is located in the most iconic and fashionable zone of Bogotá. People (a large amount of foreigners) know that Andino takes part on a touristic plan when coming here to Bogota.

    So, we welcome you and hope you visit us soon.