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  • 19.11.2018

    2 great news for tourists in Bogota

    First news:
    If you are currently a tourist in Bogota, we have big news for you, the first one: in Colombia we also celebrate the first day of the Christmas shopping season, Black Friday! this means that Andino will be open until 11 p.m on November 23rd so that all of our customers can take profit of the great discounts that the exclusive Andino's brands have. More than 140 brands offering the best discounts of the year, all reunited in the same mall.

    Second news:
    For colombians, Christmas is if not the most important, one of the most important seasons of the year due to our family-oriented culture and religious beliefs. In Andino, we are proud to say that coming to visit Andino and see our decoration is a very traditional plan when visiting Bogota. The reason why?

    1. We are located in the heart of Bogota's zona rosa.

    2. Andino is a refference point for tourists (if you don't come here, you are missing it)

    3. We love christmas season and we have a dream theatre, lots of children playgrounds, a christmas storyteller, photography sets and the most typical colombian tradition: we will do novenas and also the "noche the velitas", live music and more.

    Remember that we have a special information person that will help you translating your requirements if you do not speak spanish. You can ask for a tourist billingual representative at the information point (first point).

    We know tourists really enjoy coming here, let us show you a little bit of what you are going to see when coming to Andino: