Andino Tourist


  • 26.11.2018

    Christmas is here in Andino!

    Did you know that in Colombia we are recognized for having the longest Christmas celebration period in the world? Due to our religious devotion, our christmas celebration period is longer and very attached to catholic traditions, it starts really early when compared to other european countries. Tourists love coming to Bogota for christmas because our decorations are gaudy, beautiful and "over the top".

    As you may have heard, the most famous plan when coming to Bogota on Christmas is to take a "lights city tour" wich includes going on car around the city and of course, coming to Andino to see the christmas decoration because it has been 25 years already since we are very recognized for being iconic. This year in Andino we have chosen the typical Christmas decoration with the traditional colors: red, golden and green.

    We have a very beautiful story for the decoration as we usually do. A reindeer called Jugueton (in english: Playful) lost his rendeers friends after one of the reindeers tells him that there is a magic place where all the dreams, games, surprises and familiar experiences take place and the name of it is: Andino Shopping mall. Jugueton goes missing and Santa decides to go to Andino with all of the other reindeers where they finally meet up! this is why you can find the reindeers of Santa at the Crea plaza with Santa's carriage and of course, Santa Claus the traditional character who walks around all Andino to meet and take pictures with all the kids that want to meet him.
    Or here there is Tebi, the storyteller for kids who is at Plaza Inspira 1st floor from 3:00-7:00 p.m until 24rd of december.

    Here they are the 3 things you can not miss about our colombian Christmas:

    1. 'El día de las velitas', a day that pays tributte to the Inmaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, that in France is well known as the 'fête des lumières' where people is gathered and the whole city lights up. But the best thing about coming to take part of the "noche de velitas" in Colombia is that it refflects how family and social occasions are so important for us. So you will taste canelazo and sing villancicos with your family and close friends. In Andino, we host a Christmas broadway show and we give to our customers battery candles to be turned on. It is a very emotional moment. This christmas time we have hanging farole candles evoking the candles nights.

    2. Las novenas de aguinaldos, a catholic tradition which is prayed during the 9 nights before Christmas, remembering the 9 months of Jesus' gestation. Novenas have became mostly a social occasion and people come to shopping malls to pray them with family and friends, every day of the novena we host in Andino a special 'villancicos' show where there is a famous host, presenting them.

    3. Santa Claus is here and he loves being funny... just come here and check it on your own. 

    4. Tebi, the stoyteller is here too. He has his own house and welcomes all the kids with the Andino's bracelet.

    5. You cannot miss all the playground sets that we hace for kids. Kids can come in to every set as long as they have the bracelet, you can ask for it by presenting a ticket from any of our stores for more than $50.000 at the information point.