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  • 12.04.2018

    Chapinero, the glamorous Bogota's locality

    Besides being the capital of Colombia and its reputation for kind people, Bogotá is known for having some of the best emeralds of the world, also for its large diversity of fruits at great prices and a huge variety of international and national fashion brands here in South America.

    When you are planning to go to Bogotá, it is very important to know where to stay and the differences between neighbourhoods, because the environments change a lot and very often.

    When talking about the top locations on the city, it is important to mention the “Zones”

    La Zona Rosa and “La t” means “the pink zone” located and it has a the most crowded elite place to go, ‘la T’ is known for the T shaped area at its heart and it is the most popular location of Bogotá, the prime nightclub discrict of the city and the most exlusive place where everybody finds what they want.

    A coffee with friends: you can find Juan Valdez (3rd and 4th floor of Andino), Myriam Camhi exquisite desserts and coffee.


    A drink with your “amigos”: Martini bar a concept bar by Dolce & Gabbana it is a bar inside of the shopping mall, it has delicious cocktails and a glamorous ambiance where you can drink before going to party.

    ¿Gourmet enthusiast? Breathtaking restaurants like Cosette (french influence), Semolina (italian food), Rausch (from the famous Rausch brothers) and how to forget them: Lina’s  french sandwiches and ‘Frêche produits’ on a very parisian environment and 'Il Pomeriggio' people go there because its reputation says they serve the best colombian and italian coffee in Bogotá.



    Moreover, we have a food court if you are not into the whole ‘restaurant experience’ or if it takes a lot of time for you.

    Family plan: you can go shopping to our mall where kids have fun attractions, while parents find restarurants, home, decor, fashion and  design brands.


    ¿Why is it so popular?

    Because it offers a huge number of hotels, top restaurants, fashion, design brands and shopping malls. Besides, it belongs to the Financial District and has “El Virrey”, a very famous park that has a little river where you can run or take a walk with your dog. You can see here a lot of police officers walking by too and it gives you a certain security perception.

    Talking about money, the hotel prices here are from  US 120-250 per day and  the zone is known for having lots of 5 stars accommodations that are very exclusive and top quality, hotels are very wanted and sometimes you cannot find place so: book your reservation on time!

    The most famous shopping mall where tourists love to go in the city, is our shopping mall: Centro Comercial Andino wich belongs to the Zona rosa and hosts the most important and luxury brands, it is recognized for giving quality service, discounts for tourists (see: Andino Tourist) and for regular clients (Andino Pass). Foreigners love our mall because we have a special place for them, located on the 2nd floor our exclusive Andino Tourist spot where you can  ask for a shopping bilingüal assistant, if needed (english only).

    La Zona G, meaning the g zone:

    It is also an exlusive zone towards the south of andino but still in the north located between the 66th and 72nd st. This zone is also a touristic place  because this area is home to some prestigious restaurants of the city, in here it is very usual and easy to walk because it is basically in the center of the city, however if you do not prefer to walk…  Bogotá  has an impressive fleet of taxis that are considered safe and inexpensive but we recommend you not to hail a taxi off the Street. Since you are a tourist and we have exclusive services for our guests… we offer you a free-ride bus if you are staying at Rosales (one of the g zone’s neighbourhoods) the only thing you have to do so that we can pick you up is to call us at: 310 8821944 (only for the Rosales route) for more information about the Andino Bus, you can click here: Rosales route


    This zone is located on the north of Andino and it is known because it hosts another famous part of the city: The 93rd park, it is also a crowded but great place for living and staying (see: -Hotels section. And guess what… we also have a bus that picks you up if you are staying in Chicó for reservations, please call 310 8821946 and  more info. click here: Rosales route


    There are more neighbourhoods in Chapinero, but the most touristic and “fancy” ones are the ones mentioned. You can also check for Chapinero alto, Emaus, Nueva Granada and if you need more advise… just visit us we will guide you and give you tips if you want to :)