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    How is it to date colombian woman/men

    Dating a colombian woman



    1. Women don’t make the first move.
    Colombia is a very traditional country and you will know that when flirting… if a girl is into you, she will let you know by staring at you in a very shy way and that should do it. She will be waiting for you to make the first approach, so a simple: Hi! from your side will be ok to start a conversation (considering that you speak spanish or she speaks english). One of the reasons why colombians do not make the first move is because “that is a men’s job” and sometimes they find it hard to be taken seriously whenever they show their initiative.
    2. Women love to play hard to get and guys love chasing! It is like a game, so it is ok if you let her know your interest and continue dragging her for some time (around two weeks) before going on a date. Note: flowers and old school tactics are often seen here.

    3. Women in Colombia believe men should pay, due to the conservative "chivalry" expectations colombians think that it is very important for a guy to pay for the bill... the good thing is that if you do that, you can "earn some points" on the love game you are playing.

    4. Colombians live in their family house until they are 30 or until they get married, they usually have very catholic values and sleeping on the same bed when staying in the family home is very unlikely.

    5. Family is EVERYTHING. There are two important things here: They hang out with their families as italians do, so if you like the girl just make sure you go out with her + her family and mostly: treat her father and mother as you would treat yours. Colombian families usually love foreigners so it is not going to be hard for you to be "accepted", however a nice detail from your side will trhill them: bring flowers to her mother when meeting her or bring some wine for diner.

    Important: Not every girl is the same and mostly women who have gone overseas or have a more liberal family are more free spirit than the colombian stereotype.

    Dating a colombian man



    1. Guys are charmers and they will talk to you, invite you, promise you and seduce you in a very "romantic way". Don't believe everything to what they say but they are considered to fall in love quickly. They think their role is to flirt with you very courteously, so... enjoy!
    2. They are very used to propose the date, pick you up, pay for the bill and take you home. This is moslty because it makes them feel in charge and that is very important for them. Sometimes if a girl offers to "go dutch", it an be taken as a very feminist manifesto.
    3. As said before colombians live with their families basically until they get married and the catholic values are important but men are threated different to women... in here men can stay in the same bed with their girlfriends at the parents house.
    4. Repeat this 3 times: Family is important to him. It is important, even if they are guys and seem to be "in charge" and self-confident, they are usually very close to their mothers and mothers are very picky with their son's companions so in here a very "family oriented woman" will please her.

    Important: Not every man is the same and mostly men who have gone overseas or have a more liberal family are more free spirit than the colombian stereotype.


    NOTE: The best plan to go on a date with your colombian girl/boyfriend is at Andino shopping mall, if you are recently dating you can grab a coffee in Juan Valdez (very common plan in Bogota) and if you are a stablished couple, you can go for diner at Cosette, Semolina or one of our known restaurants at the "Calle de la Cultura".