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  • 28.12.2018

    What does 'Fiesta de reyes' mean for colombians?

    Next 6th of january is a National day when colombians mark the end up of their christmas time period, this day is known as "Día de los reyes magos" which means: "Three Wise men day".

    This days is a commemoration of a day when 3 men followed the Star of Bethlehem and brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh over Jesus day of birth. The tradition became that people over the world offer some gifts on the 6th to their kids but in Bogota is mostly known because here is when work holidays and christmas lightings are over. For Tourists, this day marks the beginning of the Carnival season.

    This day for Andino means the end of the most important season of our year (Christmas) so we will shut all of our christmas lights by then and the soon-beginning of the discounts period. We would be glad if you come here and visit us, we are the most iconic mall in Bogota for locals and tourists.